About Us

The Andhra Pradesh Bishops' Council (APBC) takes its origin from the “Regional Episcopal Council of Andhra Pradesh” which was set up on October 16, 1954 at the Archbishop’s House, Secunderabad, by Archbishop Mark Gopu, the first Metropolitan Archbishop of Hyderabad, with the objective of strengthening and developing the local Church in Andhra Pradesh. It was later also known as the “Andhra Pradesh Regional Bishops’ Council”.

The revised Statues of APBC were approved by the members on October 15, 1987 when Archbishop Samineni Arulappa was the Chairman of APBC. Taking into consideration the changed context, the Statutes were further revised in the General Meeting held on September 04, 2008, under the chairmanship of Bishop Gali Bali.

Nature & Vision

The APBC was constituted under the Catholic Bishops' Conference of India (CBCI) to cater to the special needs and conditions of Andhra Pradesh. The nature of APBC is to exercise jointly the pastoral office of the Bishops to solve common problems and promote unity of action.

The APBC is an association in which the Catholic Bishops of Andhra Pradesh, conscious of their unity and solidarity in the Episcopate, jointly exercise their pastoral office by way of promoting common programmes, which cater to the needs of the region.

Purpose, Mission & Objectives     

The general purpose of the Council is to facilitate for its members the co-coordinated study and common discussion of questions affecting the Church in A.P.. and the prosecution of a common policy and concerted action.  In this way it is intended to witness to Christ more effectively in the service of the people of A.P..

In particular the Council intends:

  • to express through statements and representations, the common stand-point of its members on matters of common concern falling within the limits of their jurisdiction:
  • to promote by concerted action and guidance among other things, in keeping with the doctrine of the Church, with regard to:
    • Proclamation of the Good News of the Kingdom of God throughout the Region 
    • Liturgical instruction and active participation in consonance with the genius and cultural traditions of the Region
    • The imparting of Catholic education in our educational institutions with stress on Christian formation
    • The adaptation of priestly formation to the special needs and challenges of the modern times
    • An increasing participation of our laity in the apostolate of the Church and in social apostolate
    • An adequate training in the proper use of mass media with stress on regional language
    • A deeper social consciousness of the needs and problems of the society particularly of the human rights of the marginalized and striving for justice, peace and development
    • A greater appreciation of the values contained in other Churches and Ecclesial Communities, and in other Faiths, with a view to better mutual understanding, fruitful dialogue, harmony and, finally, unity in the Kingdom of God
    • To attend to all other assignments of the Council which are necessary for the effective administration of the Church in A.P.


The ordinary General Meeting is the annual meeting held every year, preferably in February / March at the place decided by the Office-Bearers.

Extraordinary General Meetings are held at the time and place decided by the Council.  During these meetings, provision may be made for the Metropolitan Provinces to meet separately to discuss their agenda.

  • President: Most Rev. Dr. Gali Bali, Bishop of Guntur
  • Vice-President: Most Rev. Dr Prakash Mallavarapu
  • Secretary:Most Rev. Dr Moses Doraboina Prakasam
  • Deputy Secretary: Rev. Fr Dr Anthoniraj Thumma
  • Most Rev. Dr. Kagitapu Mariadas, Archbishop of Vishakapatnam
  • Most Rev. Dr. Thumma Bala, Archbishop of Hyderabad
  • Most Rev. Dr. Thumma Bala, Apostolic Administrator of Warangal
  • Most Rev. Dr. Addagatla Innayya, Bishop of Srikakulam
  • Most Rev. Dr. Mallavarapu Prakash, Apostolic Administrator of Eluru
  • Most Rev. Dr. Govindu Joji, Bishop of Nalgonda
  • Most Rev. Dr. Maipan Paul, Bishop of Khammam
  • Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Kunnath, Bishop of Adilabad
  • Most Rev. Dr. Gallela Prasad, Bishop of Cuddapah
  • Most Rev. Dr. Poola Anthony, Bishop of Kurnool